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Iliad Book XXII - Achilles Kills Hector

Iliad Book XXII - Achilles Kills Hector Iliad - Public space English translationExcept for Hector, the Trojans are inside the dividers of Troy. Apollo goes to Achilles to reveal to him he is burning through his time seeking after a divine being since he cannot kill him. Achilles is furious yet pivots to come back to Troy where Priam is the first to spot him. He discloses to Hector he will be murdered since Achilles is a lot more grounded. If not murdered he will be sold into bondage as has just transpired of Priams children. Priam cannot prevent Hector, in any event, when his significant other Hecuba joins the exertion. Hector thinks about to heading inside however fears the scorn of Polydamas, who had offered sage guidance the day preceding. Since Hector needs beyond words brilliance, he has a superior possibility of confronting Achilles. He considers giving Achilles Helen and the fortune and adding to it an even split of the fortune of Troy, however Hector dismisses these thoughts acknowledging Achilles will simply chop him down, and there would be no greatness in that. As Achilles weighs down on Hector, Hector starts to lose his nerve. Hector runs towards the Scamander River (Xanthus). The two warriors race multiple times around Troy. Zeus looks down and feels frustrated about Hector, however advises Athena to go down and do what she needs without limitation. Achilles is pursuing Hector with zero chance of relief except if Apollo steps in (which he doesn't do). Athena advises Achilles to quit running and face Hector. She includes that she will convince Hector to do likewise. Athena masks herself as Deiphobus and discloses to Hector both of them ought to go battle Achilles together. Hector is excited to see his sibling has set out to come out of Troy to support him. Athena utilizes the finesse of mask until Hector delivers Achilles to express its chance to end the pursuit. Hector demands a settlement that they will restore every others body whoever passes on. Achilles says there are no coupling vows among lions and men. He includes that Athena will execute Hector in one minute. Achilles heaves his lance, yet Hector ducks and it flies past. Hector doesn't see Athena recover the lance and return it to Achilles. Hector insults Achilles that he didnt know the future all things considered. At that point Hector says its his turn. He tosses his lance, which hits, yet looks off the shield. He calls to Deiphobus to bring his spear, in any case, obviously, there is no Deiphobus. Hector acknowledges he has been deceived by Athena and that his end is close. Hector needs a heavenly demise, so he draws his blade and dips down on Achilles, who accuses of his lance. Achilles realizes the shield Hector is wearing and puts that information to utilize, finding the feeble point at the collarbone. He punctures Hectors neck, yet not his windpipe. Hector tumbles down while Achilles insults him with the way that his body will be ruined by mutts and flying creatures. Hector implores him not to, however to let Priam recover him. Achilles advises him to quit asking, that in the event that he might, he be able to would eat the body himself, however since he cant, damnation let the pooches do it. Hector curses him, r evealing to him Paris will murder him at the Scaean Gates with the assistance of Apollo. At that point Hector kicks the bucket. Achilles jabs gaps in Hectors lower legs, ties a tie through them and appends them to the chariot so he can drag the body in the residue. Hecuba and Priam cry while Andromache is requesting that her chaperons draw a shower for her significant other. At that point she hears a piercing moan from Hecuba, suspects what has occurred, develops, looks down from the defense where she observes her spouses cadaver being hauled and blacks out. She mourns that her child Astyanax will have neither land nor family thus will be scorned. She has the ladies consume the store of Hectors apparel in his respect. Next: Major Characters in Book XXII Peruse an open space interpretation of Homers Iliad Book XXII. Hector - boss of the Trojans and child of Priam.Priam - King of the Trojans and father of Hector, Paris, Cassandra, and Helenus, among others.Achilles - best warrior and generally chivalrous of the Greeks. After Agamemnon took his war prize, Briseis, Achilles passed on the war until his cherished companion Patroclus was slaughtered. In spite of the fact that he realizes his passing is inevitable, Achilles is resolved to execute whatever number Trojans as could reasonably be expected, including Hector whom he faults for Patroclus death.Xanthus - a waterway close to Troy referred to humans as Scamander.Zeus - ruler of the divine beings. Zeus endeavors neutrality.Known as Jupiter or Jove among the Romans and in certain interpretations of the Iliad.Athena - favors the Greeks. Likewise referred to by the Romans as Minerva.Apollo - lord of numerous properties. Favors the Trojans.Deiphobus - sibling of Paris.Andromache - spouse of Hector and mother of Astyanax. Profiles of Some of the Major Olympian Gods Involved in the Trojan War HermesZeusAphroditeArtemisApolloAthenaHeraAres Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book I Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book II Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book III Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book IV Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book V Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book VI Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book VII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book VIII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book IX Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book X Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XI Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XIII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XIV Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XV Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XVI Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XVII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XVIII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XIX Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XX Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XXI Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XXII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XXIII Synopsis and Main Characters of the Iliad Book XXIV

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Risk Assessment report on an organization (Toyota USA) Research Paper

Hazard Assessment report on an association (Toyota USA) - Research Paper Example It is one of the most noteworthy positioned vehicle organizations in the whole world regarding worldwide brands. In any event, when deals are low Toyota in the United States sold practically 1.8 million vehicles, in this manner the organization can make 16.7% offer in the market. Toyota Being the third biggest vehicle producer on the planet, it has been known as the most effective. The fundamental business sections incorporate car and budgetary administrations. The car fragment can represent at any rate 90% of the income in Toyota and right around 96 percent of Toyota’s working pay. The assembling, item advancement and merchant the board practices of Toyota Company are known to be the best. This hazard evaluation was completed on Toyota Company in the USA to discover on the dangers that face the organization during creation, selling and circulation. Toyota USA is confronted with significant dangers that can influence the benefit of the activities. Factors, for example, vehicle deals volume, advertising costs, deals motivators, and value limits, the vehicle models and the alternatives that are sold, client guarantee cases or consumer loyalty activities, cost of research and different costs, creation limit, changes in the estimation of monetary standards utilized in Toyota business, strengthened rivalry, and guideline issues. In Toyota organization item advancement can be profoundly capital concentrated. In any vehicle industry, this has been experienced. The automakers are confronted with the test of making new models every now and then to keep awake to gauges. The automakers should normalize the center item through making a stage on which, they can manufacture highlight. Toyota can be supposed to be the pioneer in item advancement that is lean. A way of thinking where an organization should concoct an advancement procedure that surfaces with new items utilizing least assets. As indicated by Toyota Motor Corporation SWOT Analysis 10, the car showcase overall is serious. Accordingly, Toyota faces high

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Somewhere in between

Somewhere in between This semester has been weird for me. On one side I am for all intents and purposes I am a junior, a 2020. I will not be graduating until 2020, my degree will say 2020, and for the most parts my day to day classmates are 2020. On the other hand I am a senior. My oldest friends walked into MIT with me back in 2015, my brass rat says 2019, and despite not graduating this year I am still on the email list for the year I entered MIT with. So I am allowed to go to senior ball, senior week, and any other senior events that are planned for the class of 2019. My main concerns currently revolve around doing my best for the last semester that will really matter before I apply to graduate school. I am taking five classes for the first time, I am spending a lot of my free time UROPing, and now I am pushing to do well on the four finals I will have next week. However, The last few months for a majority of my best friends has been something along the lines of applying or choosing a graduate school, med school, and occasionally law school, looking for places to live in their new found location after MIT, and doing a bunch of ‘lasts’ here at MIT (last DT dance show, last pset, last lecture, etc). I can’t help but feel a bit displaced. I am happy to see my friends finally finishing up here and successfully making it through what is undoubtedly some of the hardest four years of their life, but at the same time…. I don’t want to say bye just yet. I have never regretted my decision to take a year off and study in China, but it slowly starting to hit me that this year is the ‘easy’ year as far as adjusting socially. For the most part the people that I grew through MIT with are still here, and are still very foundational to what makes MIT home to me, but these last few weeks I have had to come to terms that a lot of them are going on to bigger and better thing. So when someone asks me “what year are you?” I often have a hard time answering. I am not graduating this year so the “congratulations you made it,” that often comes with me saying I am a senior often feels undeserved, but saying that I am a junior makes me feel almost as if I am losing a piece of who I am. I think I personally feel as if I am a 2019, but going through the whole “I took a year to study in China, but I studied Chinese, so it really didn’t contribute to me finishing my course 20 degree, so now I have a degree in Chinese, but I have to go for another year to finish my course 20 degree, so I am technically a 19 but kind of a 20…….” Seems like a lot whenever someone asks me what year I am, so more often than not I just say I am a junior to avoid any unnecessary confusion. Now don’t get me wrong over this past year I have made amazing connection and friendships in the class of 2020 as well as 2021 and 2022 (….. - these don’t seem like real years to me), but there is still something about looking back at my pictures from CPW and that many of those people are still a very integral part of my life. Seeing my friend’s tiny prefrosh little faces and then looking at them at senior ball grown and ready to take on the world really makes me appreciate just how far we have all come and how long we have been at the institute. Before coming to MIT I moved every 2-3 years so knowing some of these people for 4 years makes them some of the ‘oldest’ friends I have, and they have become some of the few people I can look to and say ‘hey remember when that happened?’ But I am trying not be too sad in seeing them go, I mean look at my friends…. They have become amazing dancers, tattoo artists, writers, engineers, computer scientists, biologists, finance people… whatever that’s called, and just people in general, and I am thankful to have been a part of their life. I am making my own road through MIT and I am happy with how my life has gone but to any 2019 that is reading this, MIT isn’t going to be the same without you. I could not have asked for a better class of peers, friends, and family, I wish you all the very best in whatever avenue you have decided to go down!!!! MIT CLASS OF 2019 FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER!!!! Here are some glow up pictures of some 19s from prefrosh/frosh to senior year, see if you can make some connections: Frosh/prefrosh Sophmores Welp they are seniors.. (I unfortunatly had to be somewhere for this senior ball pic. but look at these people amazing right!!!)

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Persepolis The Other Perspective Of Iran - 1449 Words

The purpose of Persepolis is to show the other perspective of Iran. Furthermore, the book interprets what life may be like, and that it is not a country made up of fundamentalists and terrorists. Along with that, it is to demonstrate the misconceptions from the outside looking in, and that the interpretations of the country by the West are very much mistaken. To start with, Iran was facing many changes with ruling and religion along with many other issues. The author of this book is a ten year old girl going through a large cultural revolution which was very confusing for her and other people at the time. Protests where happening all around the area they were living in which was for and against the revolution. Marjane’s mother was against the revolution changes. Her mother’s picture happened to appear all over Europe when she was protesting. This was very frightening for her after that had happened. In addition, Marjane had a belief that one day she would become a prof it, even further, the last prophet. In the reading it showed how she was talking to God about her different ideas and what her plan of action was. Her main goal she had was to have three symbols that she identified as justice, love, and the wrath of God. Her hopes were very high, but others teased her for her ideas. Marjane wasn’t really your typical ten-year-old in some aspects. She liked to read many books and tried teaching herself what was going on with rulers and important revolutionary figures thatShow MoreRelatedPersepolis : A Child s Perspective1222 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"Iran was the epitome of evil† This was the world’s view of Iran during its revolution. Persepolis is the autobiography of Marjane Satrapi, and it is written from a child’s perspective. Telling Persepolis from a child’s perspective affects the empathy a reader would have for Marji because people often feel more sympathy for children than other adults. Children are o ften seen as innocent, impressionable, and kind. This places them in a separate category where they are often judged as innocentRead MoreThe Iranian Revolution And The Revolutionary Revolution1313 Words   |  6 PagesRevolution was its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by its supports. Supporters of the revolution stood mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader of Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install an Islamic republic in placeRead MoreMarjane Satrapi s Persepolis 1646 Words   |  7 Pages Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel Persepolis is an expressive memoir of her growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, the fall of the Shah’s regime and the Iran-Iraq War. Unlike conventional memoirs, she uses the black-and-white comic book form to find her identity through politics and her personal experiences in Iran and it has become effective and relevant in today’s society because she is a normal person that has had to live through extreme circumstances. Marjane has contributed to a wholeRead MoreThe Rise Of The Iranian Revolution1375 Words   |  6 Pageswas its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by its supports. Supporters of the revolution were very mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader for Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install an Islamic republic in placeRead MorePersepolis : The Story Of A Childhood1164 Words   |  5 Pagesor a situation. In th e autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi, readers are able to focus on the honesty and emotion of stories to capture their own opinion on Iranians rather than previous assumptions. During the time of the novel, Marjane weaves through childhood in an environment that is full of war and political conflict. Slowly Iran turns into a physical and mental prison, and, like many other Iranians, Marjane struggles between finding herself andRead MoreThe Iranian Revolution Of Iran1317 Words   |  6 Pageswas at its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by it’s supports. Supporters of the revolution stood mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader of Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install an Islamic republic in placeRead MorePersepolis Reflection Paper1578 Words   |  7 PagesDuring our â€Å"Interactive Oral Discussion† regarding Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi the class discussed many topics. As a group, we began by talking about the genre of the graphic novel. The artistic style and technique used by Satrapi was addressed specifically. I mentioned that I appreciated the mono color, by using black and white it effected the readers by making the text more serious. Another comment was added; the use of minimal color was effective. Another main topic discussed was the characterizationRead MoreMarjane Satrapis Persepolis: A Personal Version and Vision of the Iranian Revolution1341 Words   |  5 PagesPersepolis: Marjane Satrapis personal version and vision of the Iranian Revolution Marjane Satrapis Persepolis is a graphic novel that suggests that there is a sharp discrepancy between the world of the Iranian Revolution, as depicted in the Western media, versus how many Iranians experienced it in the context of their own lives. Satrapi was the product of a liberal home environment. Behind closed doors, the life the young Marjane led was often very different from the images of burka-wearingRead MoreAnalysis Of Persepolis And The Sub Themes1399 Words   |  6 PagesThe personal nature of the story from the perspective of Marjane is one of the overarching themes within the book Persepolis, and the sub themes that will be displayed are revolution, imperialism, nationalism, religion, and social class. These themes can be related back to the main theme because of how they share traits between the book and the image themselves. The image shows Tehran, Iran after the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which was very controversial (AFP/GETTY, Online). Many people thoughtRead MorePersepolis Essay1468 Words   |  6 PagesA Different Perspective of The Middle East As American singer-song writer Duncan Sheik once said, â€Å"It’s inevitable your environment will influence what you do.† It is not a secret that the environment a person grows up in helps shape their views of the world and how he or she perceives different issues. The United State of America are known as the melting pot. We have many cultures and races all living within the same cities working together peacefully for the most part. To outsiders America is

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Learn and Earn - 6380 Words

Executive Summary Introduction The Learn and Earn Project that the independence Center DECA Chapter, a non-profit organization, implemented was â€Å"All Wrap Up†, a seasonal gift-wrap service. Also included in our project was a secondary booth that was located up in the Macy’s store. All Wrapped Up and Macy’s gift wrapping services were created, planned, implemented and operated by the students in the E-Studies Program under the supervision of Mrs. Bolin, DECA Advisor and instructor. The All Wrapped Up business is in its 10th year of operation in the Independence Center Mall, while this is the first year we have got the chance to wrap for Macy’s which made it more of a challenge for the students. The business opens for 24 days from December†¦show more content†¦The mall has 100% occupancy this holiday season and the forecast for increased retail sales is a positive indicator for All Wrapped Up businesses. Competitive Data In every business there are competitors, indirect, and direct. All Wrapped Up has six indirect competitors, which are: Zale’s, Helsburg, Aerie, Samuels, Buckle, and Kays Jewelry. Each one of these stores gift-wrap their customer’s in store purchases only, free of charge. Our direct competitor, Dillard’s, provided their customers with the gift-wrap service, but only on products purchased from Dillard’s Department Store. Their prices range from $3.50-$6.50, but they would not wrap a package over 60 inches in diameter. Their paper selection was limited to less than ten different gift-wrap papers. All Wrapped Up provided the same services at both locations but the pricing was set by Macys at the new location. If the package at Macys needed an oversized box we sent the customer to the main location in the mall. Pricing Comparison With Competition | Business | XSM | SM | MED | LG | XLG | OS | All Wrapped Up Pricing | $3.00 | $5.00 | $6.00 | $7.00 | $10.00 | $12.00 amp; Up | Dillard’s Pricing | $4.50 | $5.50 | $5.50 | $6.50 | N/A | N/A | All Wrapped Up Pricing Macys | $5.00 | $5.00 | $8.00 | $8.00 | $8.00 | | All Wrapped Up has competitive advantages to the companiesShow MoreRelatedWhy Students Should Have A After School Job1108 Words   |  5 Pagesjob. They might think that it is too early and students should just enjoy their childhood. But in reality, students need to learn about the real world and what comes in it. A lot of students don t realize the importance of hard earned money. They don’t understand that everything that they have has been worked for and paid for. The main purpose of school is for students to learn logical knowledge and techniques to prepare them for their future. The best way for students to get ready for their futureRead MoreIs College Education Still Valuable?965 Words   |  4 Pagesneed for a college education, but college education provides more than just information for their students. College is about independence and learning how to take charge of his or her life. It is an opportunity for students to learn about their future career. Students learn about intriguing subjects, how to make lifelong friends, and how to spend valuable time with people outside of his or her social circle. Students have the rest of their lives to go to work every day, but college gives them aRead MoreCollege Education Is No Longer Valuable959 Words   |  4 Pagesneed for a college education, but college education provides more than just information for their students. College is about independence and learning how to take charge of his or her life. It is an opportunity for students to learn about their future career. Students learn about intriguing subjects, how to make lifelong friends, and how to spend valuable time with people outside of his or her social circle. Students have the rest of their lives to go to work every day, but college gives them aRead MoreThe Importance Of College Education718 Words   |  3 Pagesa job, earn more money and is more likely to gain social skills. To begin with a college education is very important because people earn better jobs when going to college. Based on the interview with â€Å"Vedder, Richard’ he said â€Å"college graduates on average are smarter and have better work habits than high school graduates.† College prepares you for obstacles, for example social skills, becoming an organized independent person, and problem solving skills. With these examples one can learn a lot andRead MoreA Career as a Mahtematical Engineering1535 Words   |  6 Pagesmechanical engineering major, he must learn a certain set of skills and knowledge to graduate. A mechanical engineering major must learn how to be able to incorporate both mathematical formulas, and mechanical principals into his or her work in order to come up with solutions for the problems being faced by their future companies. He must also learn how to use the principals of physics and design tools to create models of products that are being proposed. Fin ally, he must learn the principals of engineeringRead MoreJob Learning Essay799 Words   |  4 Pagesoffer an â€Å"earn-while-you-learn† opportunity by combining on the job training with classroom instruction, according to Sundee Porter, Holmes County Job and Family Services employment services coordinator. She was among those to visit LuK USA, a brand of the Schaeffler Group, hoping to bring federal funds into the area to duplicate the Woosters business program, with an aim of adding skills and increased wages to the Holmes County work force. Apprenticeships offer an earn-while-you-learn opportunityRead MoreA Website On Air Pollution1029 Words   |  5 Pages Our proposal is to create a website that encourages people to learn about how to use their car efficiently. Our website is called Greenriding and there are some games and quizzes that teach you about air pollution. During this game you earn points and you can trade it in for coupons and the coupon is sent to the person by email, and comes in a printable PDF. These coupons can be traded in for things that help air pollution (free smog checks, free tire inflation, free shuttle rides, and free tuneRead MoreEssay On The Alchemist836 Words   |  4 PagesSantiago’s journey, he helps many people along the way, including himself. The boy also learns many life lessons so he can follow his heart and find his treasure. By going on this journey, Santiago makes himself and the things around him better. In the novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Santiago learns, â€Å"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.† First, Santiago wants to earn money, so he works for a crystal merchant. Next, Santiago asks the alchemist forRead MoreRich Dad Poor Dad (Book Review)1485 Words   |  6 Pagesfather was ‘the rich dad’ so when the earlier business came to an end both the author and mike decided to learn about finances from mike’s father. * In this chapter there is a mention of ‘rat race’ and the lesson learned from this is that instead of spending most of the time earning little money for your own pocket and earning more n more money for others pocket one should work hard to earn money for your own pocket. * This has been explained with an example in the book. Chapter2: The RichRead MoreThe Importance Of Education774 Words   |  4 Pagessalary, gives more career opportunities, and teaches lessons. College is still valuable because it helps people earn more money. For example, a study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute showed that college graduates (on average) earn 56% more than people who only graduated high school (Rugaber). This statistic shows how going to college can help graduates land better jobs/careers to earn more money than someone who didn’t go at all. In addition to that fact, the Labor Department of the Economic

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Net Present Value Questions Free Essays

1. How much will $1000 deposit in savings account earning a compound annual interest rate of 6% be worth at the end of the following number years? a) 3 years$1,191 b) 5 years$1,338 c) 10 years$1,791 2. If you require a 9% return on your investment which would you prefer? a) $5,000 todayPV = $5,000 b) $15,000 five years from todayPV = $9,748. We will write a custom essay sample on Net Present Value Questions or any similar topic only for you Order Now 50 c) $1,000 per year for 15 yearsPV = $8061 Select option b 3. The Lancer Leasing Company has agreed to lease a hydraulic trencher to the Chavez Excavation Company for $20,000 per year over the next 8 years. Lease payments are to be made at the beginning of each year. Assuming that Lancer leasing company requires a 9% rate of return, what is the PV of payments? PV = $120,663 4. The Mutual Assurance and life Company is offering an insurance policy under either of the following two terms: a) Make a series of 12 payments of $1,200 at the beginning of each of the next 12 years (first payment being made today) b) Make a single lump-sum payment today of 10,000 and receive coverage for the next 12 years If you had investment opportunities offering an 8% annual return, which alternative would you prefer? a) PV = $9,766. 66 b) PV = $10,000 Select option a . A leading broker has advertised money multiplier certificates that will triple your money in 9 years; that is if you buy one for $333. 33 today, it will pay you $1,000 at the end of 9 years? What rate of return will you earn on this money multiplier certificates? i = 13. 073% 6. Given two following mutually exclusive alternatives: a) Alternative A: initial cost $100, annual benefits $60, useful life 7 y ears b) Alternative B: initial cost $60, annual benefits $20, useful life 7 years Which alternative is preferable if i = 12%? a) PV = $173. 84 b) PV = $31. 28 Select option a . Project A and B have first costs of $10,000 and $18,000, respectively. Project A has net annual benefits of $5,000 during each year of its 5 year useful life, after which it can be replaced identically. Project B has annual benefits of $6600 during each year of its 10 year life. Use present worth analysis, an interest rate of 30% per year and a 10 year analysis period to determine which project to select. Project A PV = $2767 Project B PV = $2407. 20 Select project A 8. The lining of a chemical tank in a certain manufacturing operation is replaced every 5 years at a cost of $7,500. A new type lining is now available which would last 10 years but costs $19,500. The tank needs new lining now and you intend to use the tank for 40 years, replacing linings when necessary. Whit i of 10% compute the present worth of costs of 40 years of service for the 5-year and 10-year linings. 5 year lining PV of costs = $19,347. 75 10 year lining PV of costs = $31,025. 34 Select 5 year lining 9. A $25,000 20-year loan with a nominal interest rate of 12% compounded monthly is to be repaid in a uniform series of payments of $275 per month (for 240 months). The borrower wants to know how many payments, N, he will have to make until he owes only half of the amount borrowed initially. N = 179 10. $100,000 dollars is deposited in a bank trust account that pays 16% interest compounded quarterly. Equal withdrawals are to be made from the account beginning one year from now and going for ever. Calculate the maximum amount of the equal annual withdrawal. $16,984 11. A truck whose P is 26,700 is being paid for in 24 uniform monthly installments, including i at 6% after making 7 payments the owner decides to pay off the remaining balance of the purchase price in one lump sum. How big is this sum? $19,231. 30 12. Assuming a 10% interest rate, determine which alternative should be selected: a) Alternative A: First cost $5,300, uniform annual benefit $1,800, useful life 4 years, salvage value $0 b) Alternative B: First cost $10,700, uniform annual benefit $2,100, useful life 8 years, salvage value $200 a) A = $127. 85 b) A = $ 112. 30 Select alternative A 13. An $8200 investment returned $2000 per year over a 5-year useful life. What was the rate of return on the investment? i = 7% How to cite Net Present Value Questions, Essay examples

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Antigone The Tragic Hero Essay Example For Students

Antigone The Tragic Hero Essay There has always been a bit of confusion as to the tragic hero of the Greek Drama Antigone. Many assume that simply because the play is named for Antigone, that she is the tragic hero. However, evidence supports that Creon, and not Antigone, is the tragic hero of the play. Examining the factors that create a Greek Tragedy, and a tragic character, it is clear that the tragic hero is in fact Creon. First, take into account the timeframe in which Antigone was written. During the time of Sophocles, women were considered second class citizens. They would not even be permitted to act in the drama Antigone. It seems unlikely that Sophocles would choose a woman as the tragic hero of the play. There are certain qualities that a character must posses in order to qualify as a tragic hero. Ideally, the tragic hero is a person of some status, usually king. Although the fact that Antigone was part of the royal lineage, being a descendent of Oedipus, Creons position of King of Thebes suits a tragic character much more effectively. At the end of Antigone, Creon had lost his kingdom, his son, his wife, and his will to live, but is doomed to live on in his pain. Antigone loses her life, but it was not a loss in vain, for she did accomplish what she set out to do. It is questionable as to whether Antigone was seeking martyrdom, but she certainly did become one, dying for her beliefs. The most important characteristic of the tragic hero is the tragic flaw, the one attribute that causes the inevitable downfall of the character. It is argued that Antigones tragic flaw was stubbornness. She is called stubborn in the play by Creon and also by the chorus. Yet, some would call her steadfast, rather than stubborn. A stubborn person would continue to argue even after he or she realized they were wrong. For Antigone, no such realization was made. In her own eyes, the eyes of the people, and even the eyes of the gods, Antigone was certainly in the right. Creon, on the other hand, possessed a classic flaw, hubris, or excessive pride. Because of his pride, Creon could not hear the sense spoken by his son, or the blind prophet Teresius. He could not let Antigone go unpunished for her crime for fear of looking weak to his kingdom. Thus his own bad decisions mixed with fate caused his downfall. This is an exact description of a tragic hero. Finally, the tragic hero of a Greek Drama realizes too late his bad decision. This moment of realization, called anagnorisus, never occurred for Antigone, who died righteously. However, Creon does realize his tragic flaw at the end of the play, laments, and but for the good grace of the Chorogus, would have committed suicide, something tragic heroes are known to do. All things considered, Creon must be the tragic hero of Antigone. He was the only character who met the criteria. The other characters, like the messenger, or Teriseus, or Creons son Haimon are minor characters and are clearly not the tragic heroes of the play. Creon suffered the most, his losses were the greatest, and he was the only character to posses a tragic flaw. It is safe to assume that the only reason for Antigone ever being considered a tragic hero, is the misleading title of the play.